Welcome to Southern Skies


A number of years ago a group of Orange residents had a vision to create an educational and tourist facility that would complement and enhance the astronomical heritage of the Central West. Although they came from a diversified range of backgrounds all had a common interest of advancing community understanding of astronomy and science generally.

To that end they formed the not-for-profit organisation Orange Planetarium Incorporated (OPI) and proposed the establishment of a public and educational science facility within the town.

Since the original idea was discussed the project has gone through a number of changes, finally settling down to a facility that incorporates an 80 seat capacity, state-of-the-art digital planetarium an exhibition area and a gift shop. It will be known as the ‘Southern Skies Planetarium’ and will be managed by OPI.

From the start OPI’s aim has been to foster community understanding of the sciences while simultaneously offering a major attraction for visitors and tourists to the region. Southern Skies will fulfil this aim and has the potential to become an important focal point within the region as its diverse range of entertainment and educational programs on offer will bring families and school students together to experience stunning, fully immersive worlds.

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Welcome to Southern Skies
Orange Planetarium Incorporated

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